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8 Tips to prepare for your carpet installation

By February 17, 2012January 9th, 2023Blog Post

I found this article on the Carpet and Rug Institute blog on preparing for your carpet installation. I thought it was really helpful. I hope you enjoy it!

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Make sure that you know what services your installer will provide and what you need to handle yourself. For example, there may be an additional charge to move your furniture. Keep these things in mind before hiring an installer.

Here are things you’ll want to do to prepare for installation:

Remove all breakable items from areas being carpeted and detach and store wiring from TVs, stereos, VCR/DVD and computers.
Determine who will remove and dispose of the existing carpet and cushion.
Check recycling options in your area.
Think about carpet placement.
Ask that seams be placed in less visible areas, but don’t expect seams to be invisible.
Before installers arrive, complete other remodeling projects you have planned in the room, such as painting and wallpapering.
Vacuum the old carpet to avoid the possibility of airborne dust and dirt.
And after the carpet and cushion is removed, vacuum the subfloor.


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