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Install Versatile Laminate Flooring in Your Property

Have you long been searching for the ideal alternative to expensive hardwood flooring? Well, here you have it; laminate flooring! With laminate on your floor, nobody will even notice the difference, as long as you don’t tell them. Isn’t that lovely? Not having to spend fortunes on expensive floors yet, get the same look! Taylor Carpets is here to provide you with products that will spoil you for choice!

Types of Laminate Floor

There are different types of laminate flooring that you can conveniently choose for your home. We have a list of all that can look appealing in your property, from white laminate flooring to black one and more.

Plastic Laminate Flooring:

For those who look for a cheap alternative, here is something that is durable and cost-effective. They are waterproof with little vulnerability to dents, scratches, or stains. It is extremely easy to clean.

Engineered Wood:

Those looking for a more wood-like feel can stick to engineered wood laminate. Just like waterproof engineered hardwood, we can provide you with waterproof laminate flooring for convenience and style.

Different Patterns:

Laminate flooring comes in great variety. Whether it’s color, texture, or style, you have great choices in front of you. If you wish to create a black floor look, go for black laminate flooring, grey, or any other color of your choice. Laminate tile flooring can also be your choice for a more sophisticated look. They come in different patterns and textures, like wide plank laminate flooring, thin laminate, chevron, and more.

What are the Advantages of Good Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has an array of benefits that allures homeowners to installing one. At Taylor Carpets, you can get the best choices. Whether it is kitchen laminate flooring or your bathroom, we are here to offer you the best ones.

  • Laminate flooring is relatively easy to maintain: Laminate floors aren’t very messy and struggling to clean. With our water-resistant laminate flooring, you can clean and maintain with zero hassle and challenges.
  • Besides being appealing and easy, laminate floors are quite cost-effective. If you have a low budget for your home interior but wish for an elevated, modern look, here is what you need. You can even go for laminate flooring on stairs to give the perfect hardwood floor look. If you wish for a darker look for your floor, dark laminate flooring can also be an ideal choice.
  • A laminate floor is stain proof and moisture resistant: most laminate manufacturers offer a warranty with your laminate flooring against stains, fade, moisture, and more. We, too, present you with laminate options that come with a warranty.

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Taylor Carpets is here providing homeowners with suitable flooring solutions that you have been struggling to find. With over 100 years of experience, you can expect nothing but the best from us. Whether it’s choosing laminate flooring for bathrooms or living rooms, we have an array of choices. Invest your money in things that will give you a look you have yearned for your property. With our variety of laminate, from grey laminate flooring to other colors, we are here to deliver impeccable results.

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