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waterproof hardwood flooring

The Guidance of Buying Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

By Hardwood Flooring

With such a diverse selection of flooring alternatives available, selecting waterproof hardwood flooring might be a bit difficult. They are available in a variety of styles and can be adaptable in the sense that they can be used in a variety of settings.

Things to Consider While Buying Waterproof Hardwood Flooring:

1. Wood Types

There are two types of major wood flooring often sold by flooring companies – solid hardwood and waterproof engineered wood flooring/engineered wood flooring. The choice here mostly depends upon what you like or what looks better with your home, but mostly it is about the budget.

Engineered hardwood has a durable foundation that is made of tough plywood or fiberboard with a thin coating of solid wood on top of them; whereas solid hardwood is the same color regardless of whether it is oak, walnut, cherry, or maple.

2. Wood Species

The species of wood contributes to the looks and aesthetic of the floor. Whether you want a shiny surface or lustrous surface, the choice of your waterproof hardwood floors wood species will determine. Oak is a very common hardwood species – because they are highly affordable for homeowners. If you want an exotic option, you can definitely go for mahogany which is also resistant to dents or scratches.

3. Cut Pattern

Cut patterns contribute a lot to how your floor looks. There are three major cut patterns in waterproof hardwood floors – flatsawn, quarter sawn, and rift sawn. Flatsawn floors have an arrow or cathedral pattern on the surface. Quarter Sawn flooring has a less distinct grain, for which it mostly looks like a smooth surface.

Choosing rift sawn is mostly rare, not because they are not preferred but because they can be expensive. Manufacturing rift sawn produces more wood waste than other options, which is why they are expensive.

4. The Finishing

Waterproof engineered hardwood can use a good finishing too. Some of the most common finishes are wax, vinyl composite strip, or timber strip and overlay flooring. Sometimes waterproof membranes are used in wood flooring as well.

The market has a wide range of options while looking for waterproof hardwood flooring in market. If you have a flooring dealer in your city, you can ask for recommendations for your home or have your floors finished in-home by contractors.


With 100 years of experience in flooring services, Taylor Carpets offers some of the best waterproof engineered hardwood flooring in the country. If you are in search of a specific hardwood option that not every dealer offers, then Taylor Carpets is something you definitely should try.

We have selected the most common wood kinds and species from a diverse variety of wood types, as well as some of the most unique. Taylor Carpets provide the highest quality waterproof wood flooring services, which include installation, in-home waterproofing, and other related services. When you choose waterproof engineered hardwood from Taylor Carpets, you can customize the cut pattern and finish to your liking as well. Carpet, tiles, and a variety of other flooring alternatives are also available with us.

bedroom carpet

What Types of Carpets are Best for Your Bedroom?

By Carpet Manufacturing

The bedroom is meant to be the coziest room out of all, at home. You probably end your day in the bedroom and begin a fresh one there, thus, showing its significance. Therefore you might have noticed interior designers taking extra care when designing your bedroom, going the extra steps to create a comfortable zone for you. 

Similarly, those who love the idea of an aesthetic home never forget to purchase soft carpets for bedrooms, beautiful chandeliers for the hall, and silver crockery for the kitchen. Finding the right items for your home can get difficult, especially when looking for a bedroom floor carpet. But with Taylor Carpets and Flooring, you are provisioned with a variety of products and the best services. 

What are Some Popular Bedroom Carpets that People Choose for Their Home?

1. Plush Carpeting

The carpet’s fiber composition and style are considered plush. In addition to being known as texture carpeting, plush carpeting can also be referred to as twisted or cut pile. This exquisite carpet for bedroom floor look is wonderful for hiding dirt, and it also has a cozy feel. It’s the most popular choice for flooring in bedrooms, family rooms, and personal dens. Be aware that this carpet may reveal indentations from furniture or footsteps more readily than others of the same style and color.

2. Thicker Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is an important consideration when installing carpet, even if it isn’t a distinct sort of carpet. There are some cases when additional carpet padding isn’t necessary, such as in regions with many furniture. On the other hand, the bedroom is the best location for a thicker layer of carpet padding.

3. Berber Carpeting

Berber or loop carpeting is a decent quality carpet for bedrooms, despite its lack of plushness compared to texture carpets. The looped texture of Berber carpeting is because the fibers are not clipped. However, it is less plush than texture and high-pile carpeting, which is still quite soft. If you’ve got kids or pets, this is a good option because it’s sturdier and can withstand a little bit more wear and tear.

4. Pattern Carpeting

To provide the appearance of a pattern cut into the carpet, pattern carpeting utilizes both texture and loop or Berber fibers. Pattern carpeting is a wonderful alternative to texture flooring for bedrooms because it adds visual appeal and refinement to the space.

5. Higher Pile

The majority of bedroom carpets are classified as low, medium, or high piles based on the carpet fibers’ height alone, not including the carpet’s backing. It is preferable to use carpets with a lower pile in high-traffic areas. High pile carpet is the way to go if you want to add comfort and luxury to a bedroom while also reducing noise. The softness and warmth of these rugs are also unparalleled.


Having the best range of bedroom floor carpets at rates that would surprise you, Taylor Carpets is where you should go. Because of the exemplary services and years of professional experience, Taylor Carpets has grown to become a popular brand among people to purchase the best bedroom carpet flooring materials. Contact Taylor Carpets now or visit one of the stores to get the best!

waterproof engineered hardwood flooring

How to Choose Environment-Friendly Flooring?

By Hardwood Flooring

Choosing eco-friendly flooring for your next home renovation is not a hard task, especially if you know a few factors that make a floor eco-friendly. Next time you are working on new flooring, consider these factors for resulting in eco-friendly floors.


There are many eco-friendly flooring options in the market. Each flooring comes with unique features and advantages, and before selecting you need to know more about the options, in general, to ultimately choose something that is suitable for your home.

If you are looking for sustainable wood floors, some of the options in the market for you are bamboo flooring, cork flooring, waterproof engineered hardwood flooring, linoleum flooring, etc. When it comes to eco-friendly wood floors, waterproof hardwood floors are some of the best options as it offers a lot.

Waterproof hardwood flooring consists of real wood, which is designed to combine a veneer of solid hardwood and a core of plywood. Waterproof engineered wood flooring is not only durable and eco-friendly but also looks beautiful and premium. Waterproof hardwood flooring doesn’t look much different from solid hardwood yet provides high durability.


Your flooring product suppliers are from different parts of the world. While your product material may be sourced in one country, there are high chances that it is manufactured in some other country. While choosing eco-friendly hardwood floors next time, find out details about the sourcing and manufacturing of the product.

If any process of the materials has taken place overseas, your product involves a shipping process which means they are contributing to carbon emissions. If you want it to be 100% eco-friendly, then you should go for locally produced materials.

VOC Levels

VOC is the short form of Volatile Organic Compounds, which is a chemical that is produced by high industrial manufacturing. While buying your flooring, look for a product with low-VOC, which will eliminate the chemicals in your household. Not only are these not eco-friendly at all, but they can also cause harm or pose a health risk if found in high concentrations in closed rooms and cause environmental health risks.


Wood is a renewable resource, and as such, it is a material that many organizations like to keep track of to ensure that it is gathered in a responsible manner. The work of these organizations also includes ensuring that the collection of wood does not result in deforestation. If you see the Responsible Procurement Program of the National Wood Flooring Association’s Responsible Procurement Program certificate on a product, you can buy it without having to worry about whether or not it is environmentally friendly. Similarly, find alternative organizations or types of certificates to purchase without being concerned.


There is never a shortage of environmentally friendly flooring solutions available on the market. Now that eco-friendly products are fashionable, they can be a little pricey on the pocketbook. However, when considering the good that one will be doing for the environment, a little additional money won’t harm at all.

best carpet for the living room

7 Tips to Choosing Carpet for a Living Room

By Carpet Manufacturing

A carpet in living room can change the vibe of the living room entirely as it not only adds warmth but also texture to it. A living room carpet can act as an instant yet effective upgrade for the room provided you have found the best carpet for the living room. But what is the best carpet? A carpet for the living room needs to be chosen based on various factors. Because that way it is possible for you to find something that not only meets your requirements but also satisfies you in the long term.

Here are some of the tips for choosing a carpet for your living room.


The material determines the feels and durability of your carpet. If you come across polyester as an option, it is important to know that while polyester is resistant to stains and feels nicer, its durability is a little less compared to other counterparts.

Other options you might come across are triextra, nylon, and olefin, and nylon would be one of the most resistant and durable among them. In case, you are looking for a cheaper option, you can consider olefin.


Cleaning your carpets every now and then will not be possible, especially if your family is often busy. It is always better to look for materials that are low-maintenance and provide easy cleaning. Make it one of the top priorities to choose something that is not stained easily.


Many options in the market offer durability depending on the cost and material. Nylon is one of the materials that provide high durability in carpets for living rooms. It is also important to know the materials and the durability they provide before buying your carpets for rooms.


Different type of carpet offers different type of vibes. Like a smooth style can provide a formal look, while a twisted one offers a casual look. Similarly, another kind of style provides vibes that are suitable for different living room types.


Not all the carpets for living rooms are equally soft, and some are designed to be softer than others which require finer fibers. A cushion beneath the carpet acts as an underpad and provides softness. This also adds to the durability of the carpet and makes it a great option for those who are looking for both softness and durability.


Colour is often considered as a determinant of the aesthetics of the room, be it the colour of the walls or the colour of the carpet. While choosing the colour of the carpet, don’t forget to consider the room where you will be using it and the lighting of the room. Bold colours might look outdated after a time, while warm colours will provide a warm ambiance.


Carpets sometimes come with a specific pattern or form that is associated with a certain region or culture. You can also find art carpets in the market if you look for them.


While working on living room carpet ideas, you might also want to consider people that are living in the house or your friends if they come by often. A home that welcomes every guest and offers comfort to those who live in a home that is truly a dream home.

Why Is Carpet Good For Kids

Why is Carpet a Great Choice for Kids?

By Carpet Manufacturing

Children leave a lot of mess around, and cleaning them is not a pretty job. So, you will want to choose easy flooring to maintain. That is why carpet for rooms is a great choice when you have toddlers around the house. 

But what type of carpets do you want for your kids? There are tons of Carpet outlet stores near me where you can go and shop for your favorite carpet. It would help if you always kept a delicate balance of comfort and durability while shopping for carpets. Carpets are an ideal flooring option for multiple reasons, and in this article, we will look at a few of them.

Splash of Color

Carpets come in a gamut of colors. So, when choosing a Carpet for the bedroom, go for vibrant colors. But always wear a practical hat and don’t do it by your child’s imagination. Choose a color that will hide tough stains and marks. You can select darker shades, but they may not complement the color of your child’s bedroom. Sometimes a neutral brown color will blend with the furnishings easily. You can also place a large rug in the center of the floor to inject a splash of color.

Carpets Minimize Hazards

When you have a child, accidents can happen at any time. You may use foam padding on table corners or desk corners, but preventing your child from hitting or falling is impossible. Carpets can be an excellent alternative to minimize those falls. Use a soft carpet for the bedroom in places where your child tends to fall the most. This is the all-time best carpet for bedrooms for children.

Resist Stains

One of the biggest concerns is stains on your carpet. Please speak to your carpet cleaner about the multiple ways to remove the stains using a reagent. Plus, a good stain-fighting agent will remove the toughest stains like juice, paint, or mud from your carpet. However, there are many Stain-resistant carpets available online today. You can easily buy these carpets for less and give your carpets a fresh shine.

Which Rooms Need Carpeting?

Some rooms work well with carpet, others not so much. So, how do you decide?

The best rooms to carpet are playrooms and bedrooms. You can also place carpets on family rooms, hallways, stairs because these are high traffic areas. Color coordinating your quality carpets and flooring might also give your rooms a more refined look.

Bedrooms probably benefit most from carpeting. That’s because they provide comfort, warmth, and quiet to the room. A nice plush carpet will help your children play without the risk of injury. 

Playrooms are where your toddler spends most of his time in the years between the cradle and school desk. So, carpet for rooms will prevent them from getting cold. Carpets in living rooms make it feel softer and more inviting. So, Carpets for living rooms should be vibrant, warm, and hospitable. Carpets also work as a sound barrier between floors by blocking sound transmission. So, carpets are a great choice for your kids. It will enhance their playtime and make those nicks, cuts, sprains, and bruises a thing of the past.

Waterproof hardwood flooring

How to Decorate Your Home for this Christmas & New Year?

By Carpet Manufacturing

Can you believe that Christmas is next week? Yes, baby, it’s time to party and style your home with mistletoe, Santa Claus, X-mas trees, socks, and much more. Decking up your waterproof engineered hardwood flooring wouldn’t be a huge deal. You can use faux sheepskin or shining velvet fabric to effectively decorate your Waterproof hardwood flooring

New Year is also right around the corner, and the festivities are set to continue till the wee hours of 2022. So, choose shiny decorations and metallics for your space. Trendy ideas about holiday decorations can give a special touch to your day. For buying holiday stuff, visit one of Utah flooring stores for the hottest deals in town.

Wallpaper Decorations 

If you plan a big party, deck your walls with stunning wallpapers. You can decorate, style, and add a fantastic visual punch without much effort. Moreover, wallpapers also protect your walls during the parties and act as a great background for photo sessions. You can also put some shimmering wallpapers on your waterproof hardwood floors and level up the look. Additionally, such glitzy wallpapers also look good on waterproof engineered wood flooring.

Wall-To-Floor Carpeting

Do you know carpets also add a touch of glamor to your rooms? Yes, you can use wall-to-floor carpeting to spruce up your Christmas and New Year look. You can bring carpet for rooms in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and impress your friends, their friends, and be an eye candy of your granddad. You can also opt for LVT flooring for the kitchen to add a bit of spice to your cooking space this Christmas. Besides, nowadays shopping for wall-to-floor carpeting isn’t a big deal. If you are searching for ‘Carpet outlet stores near me,’ you can simply take the help of the internet. There are multiple online stores and offline carpet shops that provide customized options. 

Lights Reflecting Your Mood

Christmas and New year are happy festivals, and you can use this mood on your lighting. So, keep the lights dim, or use LED lights, candles, and other light bulbs, depending on your mood. For example, if you plan a party use zappy and disco lights. But use dim focussed lights if you are thinking about a cozy get-together with your hubby or that special friend.

Persian Red Carpets

You will find hand-tufted Carpets for living rooms similar to Santa Claus dresses. If you plan to give your room a modern look, purchase some costly Persian carpets. The Persian Carpet for the bedroom comes in beautiful oriental designs and intricate handcrafted patterns. Place these carpets in the living rooms, welcome your guests during Christmas and New Year, and earn kudus. You should use a  soft carpet for the bedroom to add a cozy style. They are the best carpet for bedrooms when it comes to comfort.

Giant Balloons

Giant balloons are a classic Christmas decoration loved by both the young and old. Hang the balloons on the walls and place a 2022 gold party sign over the dining table. It will create a pleasing look and make your kids happy.

Use Countdown Clocks

Countdown clocks are traditional New Year symbols. You can buy gold clocks and display them in various parts of your room to reference the famous countdown to midnight. 

The new year is also the time for spills and thrills. So, you should use Stain-resistant carpets to protect them from getting dirty. 

You will find quality carpets and flooring at cheap rates from many hometown decors. So, go ahead and add a splash of color to your home this festive season by buying carpets for less.

Carpet Stores in Utah

Top 5 Carpet Stores in Utah

By Carpet Manufacturing

Carpets have much more to them than just visual appeal. In this era, carpets turn out to be a necessity if you have waterproof engineered hardwood flooring. Thus, the look for carpets remains constant. Even apart from this, carpets serve as a luxury too! For instance, who doesn’t love the feel of soft carpet for bedrooms? The best part is your search for carpet for rooms ends here.

Utah is a hub of blooming carpet industries and carpet outlet stores. Therefore, if you are busy searching Utah flooring stores or quality carpets and flooring, we got you. This blog will guide you to the five best carpet stores in Utah. Thus, if you are looking for the best carpet for bedrooms, we suggest you give it a read.

Big Bear Flooring

This store is your one-stop location for flooring, carpet installation, and carpeting. It is most famous for its services like carpet binding, carpet cutting, and carpet installation. Thus, if you are looking for carpets for living rooms, this store should undoubtedly be a preferable choice.

13277 Minuteman Dr Unit C Draper, UT 84020
Contact Details
(385) 350-7068
Website Address

Taylor Carpets

This store will help you with all the local experts necessary for your flooring needs. If you need help with your waterproof hardwood floors, this store should be your one-time call. It offers an extensive range of stain-resistant carpets too; in case you are looking for one.

Provo, UT, 84601
Contact Details
tel: Call (801) 375-6128
fax: (801) 406-0171
Website Address

Mountain West Wholesale Flooring

This store is mainly famous for its services in carpet binding, carpet customization, carpet cutting, carpet repair and replacement, floor covering installation, etc. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best stores for waterproof hardwood flooring, this might prove to be the perfect solution.

564 W 700th S Ste 402 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Contact Details
(801) 361-0959
Website Address

Wasatch Front Floor Coverings

This store should be amongst your hitlist if you are looking for options to get your Lvt flooring for the kitchen done. It specializes in carpeting, flooring, and building supplies.

4661 S Cherry St Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Contact Details
(801) 797-0899
Website Address

Abbey Carpet of Ogden

This store specializes in services such as carpeting, building supplies, and rugs. If you are looking for some of the best stores to supply good quality carpets, this is where you should look for.

136 36th St Ogden, UT 84405
Contact Details
(801) 752-0525
Website Address


Carpets are simply more than just a necessity. It is almost a go-to lookout for every person who prefers to decorate their interiors. If you are looking for some of the best options to purchase carpets for your bedroom, this article must have ended being a boon for you. It offers you not one but five best places to buy your carpets from or to seek assistance for waterproof engineered wood flooring.

Carpet for bedroom

How to Choose the Best Carpet for Rooms?

By Blog Post

A carpet, when added to the interiors, automatically changes the look and feel. However, choosing a perfect carpet for rooms sometimes turns out to be challenging enough. That is because of the multiple options available in the market. With the introduction of modernized waterproof engineered hardwood flooring, the use of carpets has turned out to be more than just for visual appeal. This blog will guide you with your choice and necessity of the same. Therefore, if you want assistance on choosing carpet for rooms, keep reading!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Room

The thumb rule to decide the right carpet is to scale them according to the size of your room first. Then, you need to choose the perfect pattern that would adjust right to your requirements. If you are looking for carpets for living rooms, black and white are an exceptional choice. You can use striped carpets for less space in rooms.
The following list highlights the pointers one needs to remember before choosing a carpet for their room.

Carpet Material

Soft carpets are the best for bedrooms. Similarly, you need to choose the carpet material based on its usage. On the other hand, you would need stain-resistant carpets for areas such as the kitchen and dining room.

Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

This is another crucial factor that one needs to keep in mind before purchasing quality carpets and flooring. One should buy only those carpets that they are able to clean periodically. For example, expensive carpets would need regular maintenance. Therefore, one should take great care of the carpet accordingly and buy those that can meet the cleaning measures. You can either go for nylon, triextra, olefin, or polyester if you want less maintenance variety.


If you are looking for the best carpet for bedrooms, you need to make sure that it is durable before you buy it. It is because the high-traffic nature of family rooms demands durable carpets.

Color Selection

Finalizing a color for your carpet for the bedroom, living room, or else, is undoubtedly a subjective decision. The color choice not only depends on your personal preference or decor style. It is also dependent on the considerations. For example, the intended use, and natural exposure in the room. Bold color carpets are quite a preferred choice for waterproof hardwood floors. However, presently they have turned out to be outdated. You can even try out neutral colors because they hardly go out of style. Warm colors such as beige or red are currently dominating the market.


If you are busy searching “Carpet outlet stores near me?”; we got you covered. This blog will help you land up in one of the carpet bestsellers that even go well with waterproof engineered wood flooring. We are already aware of how helpful waterproof hardwood flooring can be. Now all you need for the perfect arrangement is a suitable carpet. By the end of this article, you will already be aware of all the necessary information that you might need for being able to choose carpets for your rooms.

Does The Carpet Backing Make A Difference?

By Blog Post, Carpet Manufacturing, Recently received inventory

I want to briefly discuss carpet backings. I often have people come into the store and they seem particularly fixated on the carpet backings. Those people often say to me that you can tell the quality of a carpet by the backing. But the question is, is that true? Can you really tell a carpet quality by the feel and weave of the backing? That is the question I am going to discuss during this post.

The first thing I want to do is to give a brief understanding of the two types of carpet backings.

The first is what is called the primary backing. That is what the carpet is tufted to during the manufacturing process. Primary backing looks like trampoline material. A carpet tufting machine looks like a big sewing machine and the needles have to punch through something which is the primary back.

A second backing is then adhered (glued) to the primary backing to give the carpet strength and stability.

That is the backing we are going to discuss—the secondary backing. That is the backing you see when you look at a carpet sample.

Most backings today are made of a woven polypropylene, such as Propex’s Action Bac® .  That is the backing that you will see on probably 90% of the carpets you look at.

Some of the more popular residential carpet backings are listed below:

  • KangaBack®, a trademark of Textile Rubber & Chemical, is an attached urethane cushion product for residential use.
  • Moisture barrier backings: Most moisture barrier backings are solid vinyl or urethane. Their purpose is to keep water-based spills from penetrating through the carpet, affecting both the carpet and the surface under the carpet. However, they can also have the disadvantage of trapping any moisture trapped under them from evaporating. This can be especially damaging to the concrete itself and to the glue if the carpet is glued down. It can lead to failure of the carpet installation. Also, because the pad does not absorb a spill, or pet urine, the material tends to spread outward more, making wicking over a larger area more likely.
  • Polypropylene: This is the backing used on most carpets today. It is strong, dimensionally stable and lasts virtually forever. The drawback to this type backing is it is very rough and can damage baseboards.
  • SoftBac® is a registered trademark of Shaw Industries. It is a woven/non-woven combination backing system that eliminates the harsh surface of the backing that can scuff up walls and banisters. Additionally, it results in a carpet that is more flexible and lighter.
  • Luxurybac® carpet backing made by Beaulieu of America for their Bliss line. It is a soft back similar to Shaw Industries backing only heavier.*
  • HighPic Backing: Some of the higher end manufacturers use a Polypropylene backing that is tighter woven with the backing “cells” closer together. It give the backing a sturdier, nicer look.

As you can see by the list above there are many types of backs—and that is only a partial listing.

Upper end backings just feel better in hand. They make the carpet sample heavier and the carpet feels softer. That is especially true for SoftBac® by Shaw and Luxurybac® by Bealieu. Those backings are heavy and nice. There is a perceived value to the consumer and that allows those manufacturers to charge more for the carpets that have those backings.

So often the backing is more of a marketing element than a quality element. The nicer backings allow the manufacturer to charge more money and make more money.

To summarize, I would look at the backing more as a sign of how the manufacturer feels about that carpet—where the carpet fits into their product line. A more expensive backing is simply a signal that the carpet is part of their upper end offerings.

A cheaper, thinner backing is a sign that they are trying to save money and keep their costs down (but you can also probably tell that by feeling the carpet itself). It’s self-explanatory that cheap backing on cheap carpet is at the bottom of their product offerings.

A regular normal “action” back or polypropelnene backing is what graces most carpet made. It really doesn’t tell you anything about the carpet. That type of backing will hold up just fine and if properly installed with be just fine for the life of the carpet.

So does better carpet backing make better carpet? The simple answer is probably not. As long as the backing is probably adhered to the primary backing and doesn’t have any loose spots any backing is probably just fine.

Five new rolls of carpet just received

By Recently received inventory
Photo of the carpet in a room setting

A photo of one of the styles of carpet we just received


We just received five new rolls of carpet yesterday and they are on the sales floor and ready to view today.  Four of the five rolls are nylon and really nice. This is a photo of one of the styles. The color we have this style is darker than the picture shown.

Come in and check out our selection. We are receiving more rolls almost every day!